Clothing & Gear

After much reading and research, the gear & equipment below was selected for my use during the hike. The base weight of my pack (sans consumables and worn clothing) is just under 21 pounds; three pounds heavier than my target weight. Those three pounds are accounted for in the extra winter gear (1.49 pounds) and the empty pack weight. Despite the relatively heavy weight of the Osprey Aether-60 pack, it was my choice based upon comfort and storage options. It is roughly two pounds heavier than a ULA option once under consideration. Thus, I will carry 3.5 extra pounds at least thru the winder months.

The heavy, but waterproof, Vasque boots will be discarded if not already worn-out sometime after Damascus, VA. Merrell’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe is a replacement candidate; although it reportedly offers less support support than the next two, the Keen Targhee 2 and North Face Ultra 109 GTX. Documenting them now to facilitate my selection process later! The final decision will occur once I try them on. No other item of gear or clothing is scheduled for replacement – breakage, loss or wear-out notwithstanding.

The original Excel spreadsheet contains a cost-column and notes in various fields to help in my recall of the considerations for some selections. The indented summary lines below in bold type reflect pounds vice ounces. Note also that they summarized the lines above the category items. So, Total Pack of 5.18 pounds includes the three lines immediately above it – the way an Excel spreadsheet normally works. I placed stuff sacks on the last line of the respective category so that they can be readily counted. There are four!

Edit: After hiking for a week I made some changes to save more weight: I deleted: the pot cozy as silly (Heck, I don’t even heat water for oatmeal and don’t otherwise cook food. I eat dehydrated foods that only required hot water – not boiled water!), the stove shield as ineffective, the Windbreaker glove liners as unnecessary, the camp shoes since I don’t have time for sitting around, Campsuds grounds, the large pack-towel as a duplication of the smaller one, the personal locator beacon (don’t tell Jack), and the 2nd SmartWater bottle. I also swapped out the FOXELLI stove (because it failed on Springer Mountain!) for my heavier, but proven Dpower stove, fleece leggings for the light Thermasilk bottoms because they double as in-town wear in the winter which meant the in-town-shorts were also deleted until springtime). Oddly, I swapped out my Osprey pack for a ULA Circuit to lightened my load and then swapped back again when the lack of air circulation on my back created major skin irritations. Additionally, the ULA hydration sleeve required that I pull several items from the pack in order to refill the bladder. The switch to the ULA was poorly thought-out; ostensibly it was an impulse purchase late in the afternoon of a tiring hike. So I was left with about 33-pounds. A fellow hiker was happy with, ugh, 44-pounds!


Component Pounds
Pack w/o Consumables/Worn (lbs) 20.67
Consumables (lbs) 13.63
Total pack weight 34.30
Base clothes/gear worn (lbs) 6.44
Skin-out (lbs) 40.74
Winter gear/clothing (lbs) (included above) 1.49
Food resupply cost
Fuel resupply cost
Lodging (linked) cost
Travel (Guess)
Item Description  Ounces
Backpack Osprey Aether 60 Medium 76.80
Backpack – Rain cover Osprey Raincover in SmartWater bottom 4.13
Sit-pad Therm-a-Rest Z Seat  2.00
Total Pack 5.18 pounds
Sleeping bag liner Marycrafts Mulbery Silk 4.13
Sleeping bag/quilt Enlightened  Quilt (20 Degree Comfort)  20.50
Sleeping pad Sea to Summit Ultralight Mat (R 2.5) 16.75
x-Stuff sack – sleeping bag Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack  13L 1.40
Total Sleeping 2.67 pounds
Tent Lunar Solo (6.6′ x 8.75′ x 4′) 25.38
Tent –  groundcloth Tyvek pad 6.38
Tent –  Stake (6) TOAKS Titanium V-shaped stakes (bag?) 2.25
Total Tenting 2.13 pounds 34.01
Cooking pot/cup Snow Peak Mini Solo Titanium Combo 5.50
Cooking cozy  AntiGravityGear Pouch Cozy 1.50
Dish scrubber Brillo Pad (2 x 3 inch piece) 0.13
Food sack Granite Gear Air Zipsack Ultralight – 16L 1.70
Pot cozy Reflectix – homemade  1.75
Spork Sea to Summit Alpha Light 0.30
Stove FOXELLI 3.88
Stove shield Homemade 1.25
Towel – Microfiber Packtowl 10×14 0.64
x-Stuff sack – rock Rock stuff sack with 550 cord & S-biner 2.25
Total Cooking 1.18 pounds
Water – bladder Platypus Hoser Hydration 2L & tube 4.00
Water – dirty bag Dirty Platypus bag 2.40
Water – filtration system Sawyer Squeeze w/ 2 adapters 4.75
Water – filtration system Sawyer SP115 Fast Fill Adapter 0.30
Water – Tornado tube Sawyer Squeeze flush adapter 0.11
Water System 0.72 pounds
1-Baselayer – long bottom Terramar Thermasilk Pant – Winter 3.25
1-Baselayer – long top Terramar Thermasilk Top – Winter 3.00
2-Midlayer – puff jacket Patagonia Men’s Nano Puff Jacket 11.63
2-Midlayer – wind jacket Mont-Bell Windshell 1.50
3-Insulating layer – in camp Mountain hardware Microchill Zip Tee 7.25
3-Midlayer – trow Running trow – Winter 7.75
4-Rain jacket Marmot Men’s Precip Jacket 11.25
4-Rain trow Marmot Men’s PreCip Pant 7.88
Balaclava Windproof Face mask – Winter 1.38
Beanie – sleep Under Armour Beanie 1.50
Bug head net Stansport Mosquito Head Net  1.40
Gaiters Generic: For snow and rain 4.88
Glove liners Latex/nitrile gloves & bread bags for feet 1.38
Gloves Choice (Windblockers + liners) 1.40
Mittens REI – Thinsulate
Rain mittens Outdoor Research Versaliner 1.38
Shoes – in camp RedHead Ragin Water Shoe  10.38
Shorts – in town Choice – UA running shorts 4.38
Socks – hiking (#2) Darn-Tough-Merino-Micro-Cushion 1.50
Socks – sleeping The Odd pair 2.60
Spikes YakTrak
Underwear – shorts (#2) UA Men’s Original Series 6″ Boxerjock 2.50
x-Stuff sack – clothing Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack  13L 1.30
Packed Clothing 5.59 pounds
Blister Fixer Leukotape-Sports-Tape 0.50
Ear plugs Army – green pegs 0.50
Foot powder Gold Bond at Target travel 1.65
Hand sanitizer PURELL at Target travel 2.50
Lip Balm Burt’s Bees 0.38
Med – Anacin Choice – 30 0.75
Med – Antidiarrheal Choice – 2
Med – Antihistamines Choice – 2
Med – Ibupofen/Advil Choice – 30 0.63
Med – Nasal spray Choice – 1 2.00
Med – Probiotic Choice – 30 0.80
Med – Vitamins Choice – 30
Nail clipper Choice 0.50
Razor Choice 0.60
Repellent Repel MAX 40% Deet
Soap – Body wash Campsuds
Toilet paper Choice 2.70
Toothbrush Colgate at Target travel 0.65
Toothpaste Colgate at Target travel & re-stuffed 1.38
Towel – Microfibre Packtowl 12″ x 22″ 1.65
Trowel Coghlans-Backpackers-Trowel 1.75
Wipes  Hart’s EZ-Towels (10) or Fresh scent (25) 1.00
x-Stuff sack – shave Monarch Ultralite Travel Bag 1.60
Total Hygiene 1.35 pounds
Carabiner Nite BigRing S-Biner  1.30
Compass Compass & thermometer – Gary 1.00
Duct tape Gorilla tape (10′) 2.38
First Aid kit J&J at Target travel (parts in shave kit) 1.00
Knife Gerber Shortcut w/ scissors 2.40
Lighter Bic 0.75
Navigation – Guidebook The A.T. Guide-Northbound-2017 & PDF 3.00
Navigation – Maps GAIA online maps 0.00
PLB ResQLink 407MHz
Sewing kit In Bud’s pill capsule w/ toothpicks 0.63
Space blanket Old Army 1.83
Total Survival 0.89 pounds
Cord Mil-550 550-cord -Neon 1.25
Headlamp (spare) Photon-Keychain-Micro-Light 0.60
Headlamp w/ batteries VITCHELO Led Headlamp w/ sweat band 2.88
iPhone backup battery Anker PowerCore 13000 8.50
iPhone charger & cables Misc. 1.63
Wallet-ID-Credit Card zPacks Wallet Stuff Sack  0.30
Total Gadgets 0.9 pounds 15.16
Food @ 2lbs/day  (food tab) Choice 138.63
Fuel Gasone Butane Canister (8.0 ounce fuel) 7.50
Water – 2L Bladder Platypus 2L (35.2 oz or 2.2 lbs/liter) 24.00
Water – .75L Bladder Smart Water .75L 24.00
Water – .75L Bladder Smart Water .75L 24.00
Total Consumables 13.63 pounds
1-Baselayer – T-Shirt Merino Wool Short Sleeve Crew 6.60
1-Baselayer – Shorts #1 UA Men’s Original Series 6″ Boxerjock 2.50
2-Midlayer – Convertible Columbia Silver Ridge 11.10
Bandana Choice 0.75
Boots Vasque St. Elias GTX (leather) 51.40
Hat Jack’s Camo Flag 1.60
iPhone iPhone 7 6.50
Poles Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles 17.28
Socks – liner Injinji Crew toesocks 1.60
Socks #1 Darn Tough Merino Micro Cushion 2.60

Total Worn:

Choice – Casio circa 1992

6.44 pounds