Last Rest Day

Start Milepost: 2184.6 Time: 00:00IMG_8055
End Milepost: 2184.6 Time: 00:00
Miles hiked: 00:0
Miles to go: 5.2
Weather: sunny
Temps: 60s with light wind
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: lean-to #8
Map: Click on map pin

I finished my burger at Scootio last evening but stayed in the bar area to enjoy a couple of bowls of popcorn to go with my second beer. When I got back to the AT Lodge (a euphemism for hostel) I put my head on the pillow and went fast to sleep. When I woke this morning it was nearly seven o’clock and I gave thought to rolling over like a youngster and sleep in until ten. That thought lasted about five minutes before I was up and at the new day. It was going to be a total rest day: no resupply box to sort and no laundry to do. No chores. Rest indeed!

I dressed and walked the several blocks to the AT Cafe that was owned by the lodge owner. There I ordered a double French toast and bacon. I then saw the big breakfast a couple of other hikers were being served – perhaps I was hungrier than two slices of bread and bacon! The waitress thought the same and brought a large, fresh doughnut to fill the spot. Since the Cafe primarily serves hikers and hikers will soon  cease to be in the area, the Cafe will close for the winter next week. Locals who have frequented the place will have to find an alternative.

With breakfast complete and updates of my iPhone apps concluded, I went back to the hostel to kill time until Scamper showed up in the early afternoon. After texting her and learning she wanted some white bread for lunches tomorrow I walked a mile up the the road for a small loaf of bread – and a bag of corn chips and a Gatorade. With the purchases in a brown bag I made my way to the pizza shop and ordered lunch. (Not much for a hiker to do but eat if there are no chores to do.) I saved two slices of pizza for Scamper and went back to the lodge/hostel.

IMG_8060With time still to kill I picked up a book from the bunk-room table – the AT trail in Vermont and New Hampshire. There were some interesting facts and observations that might have been more useful while I was in those states! Shortly after 13:00 I got a text notice that Scamper was going to arrive in ten minutes which was virtually an hour early. Odd, I thought, since the GPS could nail an arrival time. I text back that she would find me in front of the hostel with my gear. I zapped Scamper’s pizza slices in a microwave and looked out the window to see if the Edge had arrived. As I did so I saw a young man who looked similar to my son, Jack. Too similar! It was Jack! I grabbed the pizza and my AT planning documents and raced down the stairs to greet him. And Scamper. Jack it turned out had flown into Bangor from St. Louis and because his flight was early, Scamper’s GPS was “advanced” an hour.  What a thrill to have him in town. We shopped for supper at a local grocery and then drove out to Katahdin Stream campground to claim lean-to #8 as our campsite. We were refunded the $20 campground entrance fee because Jack was a member of the Missouri Army National Guard.

IMG_8091With the remaining hours of sunlight we configured our day-packs for tomorrow and arranged our sleeping bags/quilt in the lean-to. Then with darkness upon us we enjoyed a couple of hours of conversation at our fire ring. As the night chill closed in on us we burned the last of our two bundles of firewood and got into our sleep gear. Tomorrow’s sunrise  would arrive soon and we three needed ample rest.

I was delighted to have Jack in camp – it would add a special quotient of joy to tomorrow’s climb. Jack and I would follow Hunt trail – also known as the AT Trail while Scamper would branch off Hunt trail and follow Owl trail alone. She would then drive the Edge to the Abol campground and hike up to meet us as we descended on Abol trail.

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3 Responses to Last Rest Day

  1. Stuart Bradford says:

    What great way to end the journey…


  2. Patti A. says:

    Hurray for great surprises!


  3. Diane Schultheiss says:

    What a joy to have Jack join you!


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