Day 125 – Approach Day #1

Start Milepost: 2145.8 Time: 6:58IMG_8037
End Milepost: 2163.5 Time: 15:15
Miles hiked: 17.7
Miles to go: 30.1
Weather: sunny
Temps: warm
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: tent
Map: Click on map pin

I slept for twelve hours last night. It was Wonderful.

Yesterday I mentioned the schedule for summiting Mount Katahdin without providing any rationale for each day. So, while my Mountain House lasagna supper is being heated via body heat (Remember, I mailed my stove home.), let me offer my insight on what occurs with the caveat that I am going mostly by supposition.

Approach Day #1. I stopped today at Rainbow Lake campsite.IMG_8040 It is not what you think. It has four fairly level dirt areas where a tent might be erected. I was the first one here and I got my pick. There is a piped spring near the shore. I chose this stopping point because it sets up a short hike to Abol Bridge tomorrow.

Approach Day #2. The hike to the Abol Bridge Campsite will be an eleven mile hike. It appears to be a private campground with tenting or a cabin. Both options offer showers (towels?), laundry and a breakfast buffet. It is the last spot to camp before entering Baxter State Park where camping there is by permit/reservation only. Rumor has it that there are only twelve spots (free?) for hikers at Abol.

Approach Day #3. The hike to a camp spot at The Birches is ten miles from Abol Bridge. I will hike there in the morning and meet Scamper at the lean-to that she reserved. She can park her Edge behind the structure but has to move it to general parking before we hike in the morning. I understand that there are two camping areas: one for thru hikers who have registered and one for all others. Scamper got one in the latter category.

The last two approach days give me something of a rest given that the days lately have been long in mileage and hours.

Back to hiking. I met Joanie at Wadleigh Stream lean-to. Her picture is nearby along with some creatures not often seen on the AT – goats who carried their own feed oats. Joanie is a friend of PAM’s who will be along in a few days. Joanie will place a meal bucket at a designated spot so PAM did not have to carry them all from Monson.

I lost my AWOL charts today. When I noted them missing, while taking with another hiker, I abruptly dropped my pack and ran back for them. It was roughly a mile round trip. I never saw the other hiker again!

There are so few chart pages left that they don’t keep shape as I stuff them inside a Ziploc baggie and then into a cargo pocket of my shorts. That and my failure to Velcro the pocket flap allowed them to slip out. After I lost my maps when entering Shenandoah NP, Scamper told me not to lose my charts again. I aim to please her.

I saw Katahdin from a distance of 16-miles as the crow flies. We bipeds will take 37-miles to reach it. The distance from the current campsite is down to just over 26-miles.

Supper is heated.

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