Day 98 – Hiker Motels

Start Milepost: 1747.7 Time: 07:17082017 - Shelter
End Milepost: 1764.3  Time: 14:48
Miles hiked: 16.6
Miles to go: 425.5
Weather: sunny, cool
Temps: 40’s°, 70’s°
Blue Side trails: 0.2 – shelter/tent site
Overnight: tent
Map: Click on map pin

As usual the motel accommodations were something to write about. The proprietor was upset when I told him I was only going to stay one night. He got over it. Lisa was appalled at the exterior; the interior was not much better. On the other hand, it had a shower. What else does a hiker need?

Well, a hiker needs his laundry done so I inquired about said service. I was advised that once the business laundry was finished at about 17:30 I could get mine done.

In the meantime I organized the ordering of supper from Domino’s Pizza for myself and two other hikers principally because the German had no phone. At 17:45 I again inquired about the laundry. It was bad timing on my part; the proprietor had a burr in his saddle for hikers and he chose mild mannered me to vent his hiker frustrations. He advised that his machines were too big for hiker laundry. I replied we had similar machines at home and they did small loads just fine. Boom! He advised that he was not my servant! Yipes! I told him I would get all the hiker laundry gathers for one hiker load. I went to room 8 and room 3 to collect their laundry, grabbed my own (room 5) and was then shown two more rooms whose occupants were hikers. I knocked on each but they elected not to join in the contract. The grumpy proprietor settled down and laundry service was provided.

Supper arrived on schedule and we three ate together in the parking lot while sitting on lawn chairs. (See Lisa’s opinion above!)

I advised Klaus that I would get an Uber car to pick us up this morning at 06:30. At the appointed time I learned that no Uber drivers work on Sunday! Terrific. We moved to the roadway of VT-10 and stuck out our thumbs. A mile and a half closer to town (we were walking) a man on his way to his shell (boat) down at the river picked us up. We were very appreciative.

IMG_7080After being dropped at the trailhead, Klaus kept up with me for the first two hundred yards; it was as flat as a football field. As the terrain began to rise, he may have stopped for another cigarette because I never saw him again. Suffice it to say, he was a nice guy, but not a European version of Relentless!

The first ten miles of the hike were some of the best trails to date. Wonderful inclines and soft pine needles underfoot. Then it got tough and all I could do was imagine a pair of heels in front of me that I was supposed to keep up with. I did my best.082017 - Moose Mountain

The first views of NH from Moose Mountain. were wonderful.

If JaxDad falls in the forest and Relentless was not present, can it be proved that a fall occurred? Absent a cut on the face, a skinned shin or a torn shirt the answer would be No. Man-o-man, just before I turned onto the blue-blazed trail to the shelter I was on my back struggling to find vertical. Grabbing hold of a nearby sapling and rolling myself onto my knees saved me from the humility of waiting for the next hiker. That position iced my decision to call it a day!

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