Day 93 – Short Hike – No Rest

Start Milepost: 1670.5 Time: 07:30081517 - Mountain Meadows Lodge
End Milepost: 1683.1 Time: 12:03
Miles hiked: 12.6
Miles to go: 506.7
Weather: sunny
Temps: 40’s°, 70’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: hostel
Map: Click on map pin

Relentless and I put in five extra miles yesterday so that today we would only have to hike twelve miles and we could rest in the afternoon. Ha!

We were off the trail by noon but had to wait an hour for the shuttle to pick us up outside of Rutland. Then we had to ride to Killington where we had a room at Mountain Meadows Lodge. The lodge is a converted barn that now serves as a wedding venue. Since it is Tuesday, we are the only two inside guests which meant we had to walk a mile for lunch at a deli and a mile back. That walk there was slow and plodding. Once we had put away a Dagwood and a Gatorade, the walk back was at a slightly faster clip. We carried  a second Gatorade bottle in our clutch.

Upon returning to the lodge we had to configure our packs for slack packing. Easy! Dump them on the floor and put a few items back in. That was more time not spent resting. Afterwards  I tried to sort out logistics for hiking in the White Mountains. That was interrupted by a hiker who will camp out in the pasture area. He just wanted to talk so I let him. By then it was five o’clock and time to order supper – salad, pizza and ginger ale (4 liters). It arrived at six o’clock. The rest we wanted went out the window. Ah, but we were not always on our feet and we were not wearing a pack. What a break!

We will have a lodge breakfast at 06:30 so we will sleep in until six! There is the rest we were looking for; thirty minutes of extra sleep! The shuttle driver will pick us up at 07:15 and drop us off where found us today. We will then hike back to the lodge – the trail passes on its property line.

One of these days I will figure out the resupply plan for the Whites. Soon….



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