Day 87 – Grey Lock Mountain

Start Milepost: 1568.7 Time: 06:00080917 - Memorial 2
End Milepost: 1585.9 Time: 14:57
Miles hiked: 17.2
Miles to go: 603.9
Weather: sunny
Temps: 40’s°, High 70’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: hostel
Map: Click on map pin

We began the hike to the highest point in MA from the town of Dalton. We had a short 17-miles to cover and had all day to complete it. So, we hiked .2 miles off trail for Dunkin’ Doughnuts and Gatorade. We spent an hour there. At lunch time we rested for 30-minutes. After resuming the hike we heard from two SOBOs that there was trail magic ahead. I did not hold my breath that it wound still be available three hours later when we would be in the area. Were we ever surprised! A mom and dad from MA had met their hiking daughter at a parking spot one mile from our destination. They had a full blown party going for any hiker passing by. Wraps, cookies, grilled items and drinks. We spent thirty minutes talking and enjoying their spread. We could not thank them enough 080917 - JaxDad and Papafor their generosity.

We made quick work of the last mile and were delighted when that climb proved to be far less challenging than expected. With another early end to the day we rested a bit. We visited the MA memorial to her war dead and climbed its tower to get a 360 degree view of the terrain for miles.

080917 - SupperWe ate hiker dehydrated meals instead of paying $37 for a hostel/hotel meal; we did not want to carry any more weight than necessary for tomorrow’s.

We planned out the days between now and 20 August when Papa leaves. The schedule will put me a day farther along the trail than I had planned. Only five of those days will be in the 20 miles per day category. The rest will be 15 to 17.

We are in the Greylock hostel. While impressive and accommodating, the room has no windows that open. It is stuffy. Three of us will have to wish we were camping in our tents outside.

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