Day 86 – Dalton

Start Milepost: 1548.1 Time: 06:00IMG_6904
End Milepost: 1568.7 Time: 14:20
Miles hiked: 20.6
Miles to go: 621.1
Weather: cloudy,
Temps: 40’s°, High 70’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: motel
Map: Click on map pin

We left the Upper Goose shelter at our/my regular time and headed for Dalton.  Few hundred meters into the hike I went to hang my cap on the snap link where I had hung since February. The link was gone. I reached for the one on the other side. It was gone. Color me livid. Later I went for a drink of water and found my bite valve and discovered it had been substituted with one that leaked air. That was particularly annoying so color me frosted. Fortunately I had an old valve that was functional.

At noon  we met two Pittsfield Hiking Club members who gave me a spare link and gave Papa a spare pair of boot laces. They also gave us useful info for securing slack packing when I get to the White Mountains.

The day’s 21-mile hike was spent in the forest and as a result there was no opportunity to take any photos. The picture of the shelter itself was provided by Papa.080717 - UGPS 2

We hustled to get to town before the PO closed so that Papa could retrieve his resupply box.  We covered that distance in good fashion.  Dalton sits right on the trail so it was easy for us to reach the Shamrock Inn where we had reserved a room. After quick showers, a PO visit and coordination for laundry service we called Tom for a shuttle to get groceries and a visit to Verizon to get my charging problem resolved. Tom’s name was found on the Inn’s info board.

Tom, we found out, was a volunteer. He required no payment and took no fee. He had been supporting hikers for 37-years! He ran the two of us to the stores and waited each time for a total of an hour. He was wonderful. At each store he gave us the store shoppers card to help save money. Incredible.080817 - Supper

After chores were completed we had supper: burgers, fries, beer and lemon cake. It was a longer supper tag we wanted, but there were but two waitresses for a very busy and popular place. Upon returning to our room we had once more found no time to relax. It was time to repack and get some sleep.

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