Day 85 – Trailing

080617 - Red BarnStart Milepost: 1532.3 Time: 06:12
End Milepost: 1548.1 Time: 14:20
Miles hiked: 15.8
Miles to go: 641.7
Weather: cloudy, rain
Temps: 40’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: shelter
Map: Click on map pin

After seeing Papa last night we exchanged greetings and plans for today. He proposed an early wake-up and early start. When that was defined as 05:30, I concurred. At 05:15 I woke and figured I may as well pack and go. And I did but not before speaking with Papa who had been hiking slowly when I was with him in NY. I did not want to be slowed; I was doing a fine job of that on my own. He said he’d be ready shortly and I advised that he would catch me soon enough. Perhaps!

And he did. At the first watering point he caught up and we hiked the rest of the day together. His pace uphill is faster than mine. His level-terrain pace is slower. We are about equal going downhill. We are well paired.

My original plan for today was to go 1.5-miles farther to a motel just off trail. His was to get out of forecasted rain sooner at a shelter.  We went with his plan after I could not obtain a motel reservation.

Our plan for tomorrow is to hit the trail at about 06:30 and not wait for the pancakes that the shelter (with a rare caretaker) is known for. Waiting for pancakes would delay our departure by an hour. We have a 20-mile day ahead of us and he wants to get to the post office. Done. He had a motel room reserved said late this afternoon.

Since he had been doing long distance section hiking for three years, he will leave the trail in 20 August at his third section is complete.  I may be with him until then. Thus far however we have not compared daily distances, but if today is an indication he won’t short me on distances!  And I may have to pick up my uphill pace.

I will also adjust my diet after learning his calorie count, food choice and frequency of snacking. Seems I may be getting only half my supper quantity of calories. His meals are dehydrated at home and sent out. The supper meal is 900 calories; mine is about two-thirds if that. We weigh about the same and our packs are within three pounds.  Calorie counting to follow. Have also discussed calories with others. Something to consider and act upon while shopping tomorrow at the grocery.

Morale much improve although the phone is still not charging properly.

Trailing? Yep, I trailed Papa all day long like a puppy except uphill. When going uphill I trailed by more!



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