Day 84 – Morale Busters

Start Milepost: 1514.2 Time: 06:22080617 - East Mountain View
End Milepost: 1532.3 Time: 15:45
Miles hiked: 18.1
Miles to go: 657.5
Weather: morning rain, sunny
Temps: 50’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: tent
Map: Click on map pin

My stealth camp last night was worth the risk of bears and the possibility it was not approved. I slept well and was back on trail easily. A boost to morale came with the new, waterproof boots that let me start the day in the rain and arrive in camp with dry socks. Whoohoo!! Another morale boost also came with the winter quilt that allowed me to sleep very warmly on the first of cold nights in months. It was 45-degrees in the morning. Double Whoohoo!!

080617 - Wooded TrailThe day was uneventful with rocks, hills, bends and turns just like any other hike day.

A morale buster was the lack of suitable water points. Most were nasty looking. I got a refill from a trail magic site early in the day that got me to a full 3.5 liters. The next water point was .3-mile from camp. That was about a fifteen mile gap in water to guzzle. At the final water hole there was not enough of a flow to collect in the water bag.  I resorted to scooping the water out of the pooled spring with the bottom of a SmartWater bottle. I have carried that piece of gear for 80+ days for that use. But my was it good water! The bottom of the bottle is otherwise used to store my headlamp so that it does not inadvertently get switched on inside the pack.

The biggest morale buster was the determining I had a failure of the iPhone to take charge from the external storage unit and I was left with 41% charge that fell to 36% as I tried to resolve the issue. I concluded it was related to an OS upgrade the previous night.  The problem all but eliminated contact with Scamper, blogging, weather updates, my schedule and GutHook. Those are listed in priority of impact. And I was left with wondering how to continue hiking without a purpose.

080617 - Shays Rebellion Monument

Shay’s Rebellion Monument

I continued to resolve the problem at lunchtime and gave it lots of thought throughout the day. I found no resolution so I set up camp, had supper climbed into my quilt. Just because I was in the quilt did not preclude thinking. I got the phone out and got a one percent battery increase in about five minutes of charging. Good, but not great. I sent a quick text to Scamper and then let the phone charge overnight expecting a 50% charge by morning.

The day was then in the books and I closed my eyes. I opened them twice; once to greet a young Marine and once to greet Papa who I had not seen for a day or two.

Morale will improve or bad things will continue.

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