Day 82 – Half Day Hike

Start Milepost: 1484.3 Time: 05:59IMG_6854
End Milepost: 1499.3 Time: 12:15
Miles hiked: 15
Miles to go: 690.5
Weather: warm, rain
Temps: 50’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails:
Resupply: Salisbury
Overnight: hostel/home
Map: Click on map pin

Having caught up to the required miles for my schedule, I was set for a quick 15 miles into Salisbury for a resupply and a shower. The trail actually supported a quick hike notwithstanding several peaks. With about four miles left, I was given additional motivation – another thunderstorm. I sensed its arrival – distant thunder but had no idea if I was heading into it or away so I put the rain cover on the pack as insurance. I intentionally did not take the rain jacket out of the pack. Of course I changed my mind in a nick if time.

I exchanged comments about the rain with a female hiker who was taking a selfie for her boyfriend. She started hiking with me but could not keep up with my frenetic pace. I covered the four miles in a little over 90-minutes. The miles went so quickly that I was not sure what road I reached at the bottom of the mountain.

It was in fact CT-44 or Main Street, Salisbury. I hung a left and hiked another .2-mile to the edge of town where I left the trail. I covered the next .8-miles at an 8 or 9 MPH pace. At least that is what the police  roadside speed meter read! It gave me a good laugh even as 18-wheeler trucks sprayed me with mist.IMG_6853

I am now in a home with a room set up with four hiker bunks. The young girl (on a top bunk) and I were hiking somewhat together last evening as we approached the shelter. A third hiker and she met days earlier. I saw her again at the town grocery where she told me she planned to go via-direct back to the trail. That was then!!  About an hour later I heard that a female had called to see if there was bunk space. It was her; she had heard rain in the evening forecast while at the library and it didn’t take long for her to change her mind. As we sit here, the three of us are watching the Weather Channel debating the value of going out in 100% chance of rain tomorrow. Regardless, my pack is ready for an early departure. I reserve the right to alter that plan.

My new boots arrived from REI – as ordered by Scamper. They fit so the old ones are in the mail along with my briefly used small, light quilt. Scamper also sent back my cold weather quilt – it figured that last night was the warmest to date! Oh well, it eventually would have to find its way into my pack.

Assuming I head out tomorrow, I soon will have completed 1500 miles. I will cross into MA after hiking 8-miles. Lots of water sources so I almost don’t have to carry any. Beyond those milestones, it is difficult to look any farther up the trail. Near-termIMG_6852 focused!

Supper is TBD – may go to a bistro or back to deli in the grocery store. The deli is the likely choice given how tired I am. I won’t have to wait long for a deli meal.

Someone please send me a favorable WX report!



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