Day 80 – Thunderstorms

Start Milepost: 1445.8 Time: 06:45080217 - Foot bridge
End Milepost: 1464.5  Time: 15:45
Miles hiked: 18.7
Miles to go: 722.3
Weather: sunny, warm
Temps: 50’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: tent
Map: Click on map pin

It was supposed to be a 21-mile day. It was interrupted at roughly the 18.5-mile point by a thunderstorm I had been told was forecasted. I chose not to go back up the trail to a known campsite when it was clear that rain was coming. Instead I choose to stealth camp. That of course requires a level spot. I was hoofing it to find that spot as fast as I could. Rain from a thunderstorm can be very cold. I pulled the rain fly out of my pack to use as an emergency cover if the hard rain beat me to a good camp site.

A080217 - Water Towers I made my way quickly down the trail, a nice spot appeared within feet of the trail. I claimed it. As fast as I could, I put the tent up without resorting to trying the upside down trick I had read. Once more I was inside the tent moments before the system opened up on my location. Ok. There were a few rain drops that got into the main tent before I could get the rain fly up. Suzanne’s left-behind linen napkin made clean up easy.

If you don’t like lightning/thunder directly overhead while in your home or in your garage, you may not enjoy being in a Nemo Hornet 1P tent. I have been in the garage when a bolt struck on the property. It as hair raising! Today it is just another day on the trail.

The system seems to have gone stationary on top of me. Multiple bolts and thunder are nano seconds apart. Ah, ”tis moving away. Only light rain. I called Scamper right after I got in the tent – I could barely hear her over the lightning, thunder and patter of rain on the tent walls. Now it is just a light rain and increasingly distant thunder. Well, until now it was distant! Yipes!

Checking the lower part of the tent walls it is amazing how much ground material splatters onto it. Cleaning it off will be another morning chore.

080217 - FogLogistics. This morning, just before eight o’clock I bought some hiker food at a plant nursery just off the trail. The shop was not supposed to open until 09:00 but the owner let me purchase items anyway because he had his employees in for a meeting. It paid to get on the trail early! His prices were outrageous but there was little option. Since I paid cash, the guy rounded the charge down to $20 so I got a free coke and a 12-oz Gatorade out of the deal. I don’t know if the snacks are enough for two days but a least I have some since I did not make it to Kent, CT as planned. I can still swing into town in the morning as necessary.

It was extremely hot as I climbed a good sized peak shortly after entering CT. 080217 - Welcome to CT signWith the heat, sweat and gnats making the day miserable, I wished for some cloud cover to cool the air. I got what I wished for – late. It is a bit chilly in the tent right now! And a breeze is blowing thru the screen vents.

What should have been a 17-mile hike tomorrow is now what has become the standard: 20. My current average miles per hike day after 80 days is an even 18. Now to keep it going for another 40-plus days.

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2 Responses to Day 80 – Thunderstorms

  1. Catherine Garossino says:

    When Julia and Chris (daughter and son-in-law) were on the trail I think in Tennessee, there was a lightning storm on the bald as they reached the summit. Don’t know why she was in the open area but she was almost struck by a bolt and it scared her so badly she just ran but not towards the sheltered area. I asked her where she was running and she said “forward!”. Luckily she lived to tell and was a little wiser for the lesson. Glad you got through your storm today.


    • JAX DAD says:

      I met another hiker this morning who was drying his gear out. He had passed my tent site shortly after he had lightning strike near him. He said he smelled ozone burning. No further info on that note!

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