Zero Day #5 – Bear Mountain

Start Milepost: 1403:8 Time: 073017 - Bear Mountain Motel
End Milepost: 1403.8 Time:
Miles hiked: 0
Miles to go: 786.0
Weather: sunny, cool
Temps: 50’s°, High 70’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: motel
Map: Click on map pin

Last evening I arrived at the supper establishment mentioned yesterday after 19:00 to find a line running out the door. With no other nearby options I waited patiently like the others. When party-count queries were made by the owner, the party of five was advised: “Not soon” which inferred that my party of one was a good number.

Minutes later I was seated at the bar and a few minutes after that I had a pilsner in front of me and a burger and two salads on order. Life can be simple!

After enjoying the meal and making a “hiker” entry in the journal I sought out the manager, Jeff, to thank him for a relaxing evening. In our extended conversation he learned that Jack was in Saint Louis. Jeff gave me the name of a well regarded, new restaurant (Vicia) in Saint Louis whose owner Jeff knew. I passed the info on to Jack.

Today I set the new tent up in the grassy area out front and worked thru the details of setting it up. 073017 - Tent 1I even tried setting it up upside down as proposed in a video that Scamper and I found. Opinion? Not worth the contortions. Update to follow after the next rain!

Sister Suzanne arrived with Frank at noon and we had a grand visit – and lunch. If you have never had city-rolls and city-bologna, well, then you have never visited Jersey City. Simply the best!

Like all visits, it was too short. But, as I immediately wrote to my friend in Carlisle, memories last forever. No caveat made that suggests I have a weak memory. Thank you Suzanne and Frank.073017 - Family

Citadel Charlie and I had one more enjoyable telecon. He is planning the next venture that will include him: a kayak trip from A to Z. Lots of options that he, as a logistician, will enjoy wrestling into a plan.

Tomorrow brings a 25-mile hike. Don’t know why that number follows a day off when the pack is full. That full pack will have the forth of four city-rolls and city-bologna that Suzanne delivered! I had one for lunch at noon and a second for a snack two hours later. The third will be for supper.

Doug, the motel proprietor, will take me to the trailhead at sevenish. I asked for 06:30 which still might happen. I will hop across the highway in the morning to get a fresh bagel, toasted, with cream cheese.

The pack is ready for my back. The loading was altered to account for the exoskeleton of the tent. My original tent used a hiking stick as its support pole.

Motel water is the worst I have had since 1960 in Kansas. So, Suzanne bought a gallon of Crystal Geyser water for my hydration system which should hold me until the first creek, spring or brook I come across tomorrow.

I will leave tomorrow with two concerns that add weight to my pack: food and water. There is more of both in the pack than required.  Good news though; I start with only two liters of water vice my normal 3.5.

Until late tomorrow….

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