Day 76 – Full Day in New York

Start Milepost: 1372.0 Time: 07:10072817 - Sun Ray
End Milepost: 1388.3 Time: 15:25
Miles hiked: 16.3
Miles to go: 801.5
Weather: morning fog, overcast
Temps: 50’s°, High 70’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: Tent at Fingerboard Shelter
Map: Click on map pin

Last evening I walked to Murphy’s Tavern where I enjoyed a bacon burger, fries and a beer. Upon returning to the motel at 19:00 I set the alarm for 06:30, changed it to a few minutes earlier sometime during the night and then woke shortly after 05:00 with a start thinking I’d overslept. I managed another thirty minutes of sleep before rising and heating water for a package of grits I had in the pack for a least a week. I can eat cold oatmeal, but cold grits was too much.

Scamper chided me for not finding a breakfast place close by. She was right; I should have found something better than grits and a072817 - Breakfast Pop Tart and Gatorade for breakfast.

Matt took me to the trailhead at 07:00 after I paid cash for my room – and he did not charge me for the slack pack, perhaps because he had forgotten to pick me up.

The hike today was a series of mindless ups and downs. None were of any particular significance except the drop to cross the New York Thruway. The only thing good about it was that I didn’t have to climb it like the couple of SOBOs I passed. Like many clubs that maintain the trail, the one responsible for today’s trail found interesting rock formations to climb just for the sake of climbing and in one instance, a formation to walk thru.072817 - Rock Trail 1

There have been far more trail angel boxes north of the Mason-Dixon then there were in the south. Some have been water only (great in any regard), some  have sodas, while others have an assortment of snacks. Some have all three. Today I had Root Beer, water and a banana. Yesterday I had a coke and it charged me up for several miles. Ice cold, no less!

When I arrived at the shelter this afternoon I found a notice that due to bear activity we should lock our food bags in the trunk of the car! Having left that item at home I resorted to a bear bag hang.

072817 - Fingerboard Shelter 2

Fingerboard Shelter

Resupply is becoming more complicated – and NY does not allow hitchhiking. I better start conversing with the SOBO cohorts to get the skinny on quick on/off trail locations.

I am waiting for the sun to drop a little lower in the sky before I fire up the stove. Supper menu includes Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef and a bag of M&M Peanut (the large “share size”).

Greatly looking forward to reaching Bear Mountain and getting a zero mile day. A sister will visit me in that day. Can’t wait.

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