Day 73 – Fall Free

Start Milepost: 1318.4 Time: 07:15072517 - View
End Milepost: 1338.0 Time: 16:15
Miles hiked: 19.6
Miles to go: 851.3
Weather: rain, overcast
Temps: 50’s°, High 60’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: tent at High Point Shelter
Map: Click on map pin

Stung as I was by my performance yesterday, I gave myself and extra hour under my mini/quilt (4×5). Well, maybe I had reservations about getting out in the cold and rain. Oh, and I did not want to run the mosquito gauntlet. The place was loaded with them. One, just one, snuck into my tent last night but oddly spent its time trying to get out. I found it bumping into the tent wall this morning.

072517 - Happy HikerNo, the title is not supposed to be free fall – as in sky diving. I had a fall free day and was delighted to have it that way. Still, two women in mid-afternoon advised me to slow down. My reply? — It will never happen.

I got to camp and had the tent up and water fetched seconds before the rain came. Then a problem developed. Water began to collect on a corner of the tent where the terrain kept the tent from being stretched taught. The weight of the water pulled two stakes out and left me holding the tent pole to keep water out of the tent while keeping the tent erect. Then I had to bail water, hold the pole and call Scamper. All the while I was trying to keep condensation off my quilt. At that point I decided to order a double-walled tent. It will be free standing and I won’t suffer the internal spray that I wrote about previously. Scamper has helped me find three options. I expect to leave Bear Mountain on Monday with the new tent.072517 - Clouds

The stream beside and below my tent helps drown out the many conversations going on. Natural white noise – none of that fake noise!

Another twenty miles are behind me so tomorrow I will enter New York if I am not there already (the state line is not clear to us on the ground). I just know I am out here somewhere on the Trail and there are not many good sources for the next resupply. Something to ponder while I hike.

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