Day 62 – Altering the Schedule

Start Milepost: 1085.1 Time: 06:15071517 - AT Marker
End Milepost: 1102.3 Time: 12:08
Miles hiked: 17.2
Miles to go: 1087.5
Weather: sunny
Temps: Low: 60’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails:
Overnight: private home
Map: Click on map pin

Long before I put a foot on the AT I had developed a schedule using I have referred to the resulting schedule everyday. I adhere to that schedule no matter what.  If it indicates today’s hike is 17.1 miles, that is what I hike. If it says get a resupply of two days, I do so.

So when Pentagon era friends Ruth and Woodie suggested I stay in their home rather than at the Pine Grove campground, I balked. It would alter the daily schedule that I have honed over 60-days. I kindly declined. They kindly appealed my decline. On their third offer two things came to mind: 1) I recalled a blogger who suggested that rigid adherence to a schedule is basically silly, and 2) I asked myself why should I not fully enjoy the company of friends who have repeatedly invited me into their home?

I sent a text to them and kindly accepted their very generous offer. As well, I sent my estimated arrival at the campground: 13:30. It would be a push for me to cover 17.1-miles in that period of time assuming I hit the trail at my typical 06:15, but I enjoy such pushes. And then I was late starting by several minutes as I worked to sent out my initial text messages of the day to Scamper and them.

Of course having set the ETA, I now had another reason to speed along the trail – meet a commitment! At least that is the way I looked at the ETA. So I pushed myself  and reached the campground almost 90-minutes earlier than estimated. Then I had difficulty reaching Woodie. Or so I thought. He arrived several minutes later and called out my trail name as if there was more than one person present at the general store that was of age to have children. It was a thrill to see him.

Because of the enduing events, I was not able to write this piece until the following day. So in the next blog I will pick up where the events of today stop. There is much more to write.

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