Day 42 – Family Reunion

Start Milepost: 712.7 Time: 06:15062017 - Trail on RIdge Line
End Milepost: 728.1 Time: 15:15
Miles hiked: 15.4
Miles to go: 1461.7
Weather: overcast, humid
Temps: Low: 60’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails:
Resupply: Daleville
Overnight: HoJo
Map: Click on map pin

In a break with precedent I will start this post with the end of the day. Recall that yesterday I dropped in on the Catawba Grocery for sundry items – liquids in particular. That was in fact plan B. Plan A was to have stopped in to see my youngest sister who lives but about ten miles away. Alas, she and her husband were out of town so no connection was made. But. As I finished drying my laundry at the HoJo in Daleville today I got a text from said sister indicating she was at the Kroger down the street stocking up before returning home from a three week trip. Could I join them at their home? As much as I would have enjoyed that offer, logistics tied me to Daleville.

To shorten the story, but not the impact, they came by my HoJo room where we talked for a while and then rode to a new brewery in town for supper. Trail Angels could not have made a greater impact. It was wonderful! And the first and only beer I had in the last three weeks staggered me. A nice Pilsner with 6% alcohol.062217 - Hayrock River

Back to the Trail. When the last jet left Roanoke airport last night I figured I would finally get to sleep. Nope. A young couple that had arrived in camp as I was writing my blog did not let the takeoff stall their conversation (pun intended). It was after 22:00 when the conversation ceased. Quiet? Not exactly. Twenty feet from my tent they took up extracurricular activities. For the love of Pete  – get a hotel room! That was not a regular hike your own hike activity…at least I don’t think it is regular. Good grief..

062217 - Trail 1

Hay Rock

I got an unusual wake up this morning. The odd couple in the nearby tent; Coffee and conversation at 05:00! So, I was on the trail earlier than normal and saw some wonderful sights, much of it by way of ridge running as my brother-in-law put it. Great views off the cliffs. Hay Rock was fascinating – it leaned over the trail and would have been a good rain shelter.

Like a horse going to barn, I made good time on the trail and finished an hour better than my conservative estimate. Check-in to HoJo was an experience. No details necessary, but I would take the throwback motel in Pearisburg over this facility.

Tomorrow’s a rest day meaning that I will not be hiking unless walks to Kroger, the outfitter, lunch and dinner count. Breakfast is continental at the hotel. Perhaps. There is a coffee shop a walk away.

062217 - Bear Box

Bear Box

No significant wildlife today. Still enjoying my first, brief and distant bear encounter.

Time to create a menu for the next leg. It will be a three-day leg but I have yet to decide the RON point: Lexington, Glasgow or Buena Vista. I’ll get some insight from the outfitter.

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