Day 27 – Deja Vu – Tripping & Falling

Start Milepost: 418.2 Time: 07:40060517 - Hampton TN
End Milepost: 436.1Time: 15:25
Miles hiked: 17.9
Weather: cloudy, breezy
Temps: Low: 60’s°, High 80’s°
Blue Side trails: From Hostel
Resupply: None
Overnight: tent at Vandeventer Shelter
Map: Click on map pin

I left Black Bear Hostel this morning hoping I would get a ride to the trailhead .4 miles down the road. No ride. So on that short walk I was checking out my gear weight. Seemed light. I had hauled it all out of the bunkhouse I shared with two women so I did not bother them. I thought maybe I left an item inside. I had not. I was just short on water that I would get at a water source near the trailhead.

060617 - Stream to Laurel Falls

Stream to Laurel Falls

During that short walk I was also checking out my lower extremities. Seemed the left shin was irritated. Again! Hours later I recalled the cause. Another of those freak incidents. Yesterday my right pole clipped a stick laying parallel to the trail. It spun the stick 90-degrees so that it was then perpendicular to the trail. Then the left pole landed on the up-trail side of the stick which was still moving. Moving – like a cop’s Billy club when he is trying to trip a fleeing suspect. And that is what happened to me. The left shin caught the stick and I stumbled down the trail a half/dozen steps – but did not fall. As an aside, I got my first slip and fall today. Boy do those kinds of events trigger umbrage! So now I have a shin and a knee barking.

060617 - Trail Critter

Trail Critter

Back to the women. Turned out one had moved to common room during the night to avoid the high temperature generated by the heater the other was using to dry her boots from yesterday’s torrential rain. She was drenched as were a couple of others. Fair enough using the heater. It eventually got turned off but not before some sleep was lost!

060617 - Lichen on TreeTwo more days until I reach Damascus, VA. Four other hikers at this site, so far, have the same plan with the same intermediary stop; Double Springs shelter. Different than the one in the Smokies where a hiker got mauled  last year. I stayed there and lost a glove. Actually, no I did not. It got packed with my wind shirt and was not located until after Scamper bought and shipped a second pair.

060617 - Campsite View

View from my tent site

I hope to add note about ADA one of these days.

Looking forward to a burger and a beer in Damascus. Maybe two: a Miller and a Mick.

Chilly and breezy in the mountains. But no rain!

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