Budweiser Stove

Budweiser Stove

Budweiser Stove

The pictured alcohol stove was made from a beer can  using instructions from a Navy veteran’s YouTube. He kept the trick for curling the top edge vague so my first prototype came up short. While that prototype was functional, the inner section was not well bonded to the outer shell. Still, it was a nice try given that it took all of 10-15 minutes to assemble. I tested it in the kitchen sink with photos sent to Christopher.  It sits unused on a shelf in the garage.

The 2nd prototype is the one pictured sitting moments before it was packaged and sent Christopher for testing – and disposal if it failed to perform. While it “probably” was just as functional as the 1st, it was qualitatively better given that I had a better grasp of the technique for curling the top surfaces.

I don’t know how well the stove subsequently functioned…I only know it was received because Chris and Dylan called me to advise that they had purchased denatured alcohol to burn in it. Methinks they were more interested in knowing the best way to light the fuel without beards or hair becoming singed!

Be sure to read some of the remarks left on the linked YouTube. Priceless

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